At B’BOX Group, we are on a mission to develop innovative and disruptive plant-based products and technologies that change the world for the better, from natural sweeteners and preservatives, to plant-based biofuels.
Our Executives President and CEO Michel Rochel is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in product development and manufacturing in the health and wellbeing industry. Michel founded B’BOX Corporation in 2000.

VP Sharon Rahimi is responsible for the implementation of overall strategic goals of the company and has had extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies and small boutique firms in consumer goods and financial services.
Our Scientists B’BOX has built a multi-disciplinary team of scientists with backgrounds in biotechnology, organic chemistry, genetics, botany, molecular biology and health sciences, along with engineers specializing in the scale-up of bio-processes for large scale manufacturing.
About Stevia Pure Leaf B’BOX Group has developed a proprietary, natural, process for extracting stevia from the stevia plant that yields a pure extract with no bitter aftertaste, finally giving food and beverages manufacturers natural stevia sweeteners that really deliver.

Our cost efficient technology - which has the potential to disrupt the $2.36bn global high intensity sweeteners market without using methanol for extraction, or enzymatic modification - delivers high-purity extracts that do not require dextrose, sucrose, erythritol or other bulking agents for taste-masking.

We know manufacturers are racing to develop natural, clean-label alternatives to sugar and other sweeteners, while pressure is ramping up from national, state and local governments in the form of sugar taxes and labeling changes.

At B’BOX, we believe we have finally cracked the stevia taste code, and our team of scientists has the research, data and product samples to prove it. Our process holds the potential to create a new generation of blockbuster consumer products, and we are ready to share the news.
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